How Every Conference Call Begins

How EVERY conference call begins….

<< It’s 10:00 am…. >>

BILL: Hello, is anyone on the call yet?仄儭

<<long silence >>

JOE: Hello, this is Joe.

BILL: Hey Joe! Its Bill. How are you?

JOE: Good. How are you?

BILL: Oh, pretty good.

MIKE: Hey this is Mike on the line.

JOE: Hey Mike, how are ya?

MIKE: Im good….yourself?

JOE: Im good. Im good, thanks for asking.

10:05 << still waiting on Sue >>

BILL: I think were still waiting on Sue to join us……

<< awkward silence >> 丹儭

JOE: Sooo…um…how was everyones weekend?

<< DAMNIT, JOE! Now 10 minutes of blah blah blah about everyones weekend and weather updates nobody cares about.>>

<< STILL waiting on Sue >>

SUE: Hey guys, its Sue! Sorry Im late but I’m dialing in from the road right now (Sue is SUPER important). Sooo, HOW IS

BILL: Good.

MIKE: Good.

JOE: Were good, how about you?

SUE: Im just great!

<< Awkward pause, everyone PRAYS that Sue doesnt ask about the weather >>

SUE: Sooo, hows the weather in your part of the country?

EVERYONE: << Oh Jesus. Let’s rehash the weather report for Sues benefit >> 佞芬

10:20: BILL: Ok, well, I guess we can start now…


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