LinkedIn Video Tips

black dslr camera on beige wooden surface

鳶蛤滕鳶 塔鳶賅莞梗 拎塔梗莞 攻塔踢:

Before posting your first video, record a short clip every day for a MONTH without posting one. Its called practice! Thats a tip from Shay 儭 Rowbottom and its brilliant.

潃What to Post?
Film something about yourself! A short video about your job, your pet or that time you went to Tijuana on spring break and ENDED UP IN JAIL for 7 days and the lasting bonds formed with your cellmates. #PeopleConnectWithPeople#CelliesToo

潃Get Stable Y’all
Buy a tripod or a stand for your phone. They’re cheap and worth it.

潃Print & Tape
Print out your script or bullet points and tape it directly ON or NEXT to your phone. It keeps your eyes on camera with talking points in clear view.

潃Which Way to Film?
Some prefer to film in selfie mode so they can actually see themselves on screen. Others prefer to talk into a lens without a distraction. Try both and see which you prefer.

潃Less is More
Keep it short. Dont pack 20 thoughts into a 5 minute video. Force yourself to keep it under a minute. #GetToThePoint

Editing can add polish to your video, but the stress of making the perfect video can be overwhelming at first. Save edits for later. I recommend InShot.