I am a proud hunter and conservationist. Not only have I dedicated most of my career to the conservation space, hunting, fishing and the outdoors are part of my DNA.

I began my journey as a conservationist at the age of 5, when my father first took me deer hunting. In the years that followed, I became a passionate waterfowl, deer and turkey hunter. I learned many values and countless lessons in the field. Sometimes with my Dad. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with friends. But always with God.

As a father with two sons of my own, I strive to pass down the lessons and traditions that I learned as a kid. It’s a blessing to have that opportunity and I treasure every moment we share in a blind or on the water.

Finally, I’m proud to work for Ducks Unlimited, which is the world leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation. They make the world a better place for people and hundreds of species of wildlife and I’m lucky to be a part of it.

Anthony Jones: Hunting & Outdoors
View from Mason Lake, located at our deer camp in Hardeman county, Tennessee.
Beautiful morning view from a deer stand in January of 2020.