Book a Personal LinkedIn Profile Consultation

NOTE: I have a full-time day job as Director of Digital Media & Marketing with Ducks Unlimited. However, I offer the services listed below outside of normal business hours.

Duration: One hour via Zoom
Price: $200

How it Works: Every consultation is customized to fit your needs. If you’re just getting started with LinkedIn, we’ll focus on the basics. If you’re already active on the platform but want to take your content and branding to the next level, we’ll start there.

Prior to our meeting, I’ll analyze your LinkedIn profile in order to maximize our time together. You can also share any specific goals or background information that may be helpful in guiding our conversation. And if you have no clue where to start, here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • How to optimize your profile
  • Tips to generate content ideas and develop a posting schedule
  • Best practices for engaging with the newsfeed
  • Proven tips to grow your network
  • Effective lead generation strategies
  • Tips for creating LinkedIn videos
  • Useful tools, mobile apps and other resources
  • How to track, manage & evaluate engagement metrics
  • Answers to any questions or other topics you’d like to cover

I also offer ongoing consultations for those who would like additional, more advance guidance on a regular basis. Prices vary with each person.

Book a One-Hour LinkedIn Consultation
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Price: $ 200.00