On-Demand Course: Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Like millions of people, I’ve had a LinkedIn profile since 2007. Until a few years ago, however, I never posted content or engaged with the newsfeed. Essentially, I was invisible on the network.

But one day, I decided to become more active. During the last four years, I’ve made over 900 posts that generated 5.6 million views. And during that process, my network grew exponentially from a few hundred connections to more than 30,000 followers across the globe. More importantly, I laid the foundation needed to build my personal brand on LinkedIn.

The Question: How did I go from being completely invisible to building a personal brand?

The Answer: I unlocked the secrets of posting content that adds value to my network and the techniques required to drive real engagement. And now I’m excited to share these lessons with you!

I can help you build your personal brand on LinkedIn 👊

During this one-hour, on-demand course, I’ll share the universal tactics and strategies that get results – regardless of your industry.

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to take their LinkedIn game to the next level. This session isn’t about creating a profile. It’s for professionals who want to be among the 1% of LinkedIn users who are building their brands through content marketing.

This course gets results.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others have said about this course!

Cost: $40 for a Limited Time

Why only $40 when similar courses cost hundreds or thousands of dollars? Because this isn’t my primary income stream and I want to help as many people as possible. And if you would like to setup a one-on-one Zoom session for more personalized assistance, I offer ongoing consulting services as well.

What You Get: After payment, you’ll immediately receive an email with a link to watch the entire course. It’s on-demand, so you can watch at your own pace or as often as you like. You’ll also receive access to the PowerPoint slides from this session (74 slides).

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