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“After implementing the strategies that I learned from Anthony Jones’ LinkedIn seminar, my profile views went up over 500%!  I call this the ‘AJ Effect.’  This stuff really works!”

Anthony Jones: LinkedIn Profile Views After Anthony Jones Consult

Tim Kachuriak
Founder and CEO, NextAfter

“I first heard Anthony Jones deliver a presentation at a global summit of nonprofit leaders. He did such a great job that I invited him to speak to my team at Arabella Advisors, and the feedback was superb. His content is excellent, and he delivers it in a way that is accessible and engaging …and definitely includes the most laughs you could imagine in a presentation on networking.”

“I strongly recommend him to any company or group that is looking to strengthen its team’s capacity to effectively engage people and build their personal brands on LinkedIn.”

-Jeremy Gregg
Arabella Advisors’ Managing Director for Texas | 3-time TEDx Speaker

“I would highly recommend Anthony’s seminar on LinkedIn. Excellent presenter and educator. You will literally walk away from this webinar with a dozen action items and clarity on how to use LinkedIn to increase your web presence. Don’t take his financial advice because he’s not charging enough for the intellectual property he’s giving away, LOL!”

-Cliff Nonnenmacher
Franchise Consultant at FRANOCITY
Cliff Nonnenmacher

“Anthony has a way of just presenting the facts in an easy to understand manner.  He makes a lot of sense and gets results. Like many, I’ve been on LinkedIn for years but remained on the sideline. Anthony’s techniques are already helping me expand my connections and visibility. 

Just look at the 24 hour results after his webinar. My posts averaged around 40-50 views per post before his course. After implementing the tips Anthony shared, my next post after received over 1,800 views – and counting!”

-Stephen Bailey
Project Director at Safire Oil & Gas Consulting

Stephen Bailey

LinkedIn Post Results After Anthony Jones Seminar

“I would highly recommend any of Anthony’s seminar’s on LinkedIn. He did a webinar for the Memphis Chapter of the American Marketing Association and it was the highest attended event we have ever had. Not only was it amazingly entertaining and fun, everyone walked away with great, actionable ideas to improve their engagement on LinkedIn.”

-Mary Stratton,
American Marketing Association Memphis Board Member

“Anthony, I have been following your tips and it definitely works. In the past, I my posts might get 50 views and 1-2 likes. However, after following your advice, I recently have a video that now has over 3,000 views and 130 likes. Thanks for the help!”

-Kevin Sanders,
Certified Crop Advisor
Kevin Sanders

“Thank you, Anthony, for your candid and honest assessment of my LinkedIn profile and advice on strategic posting. In just 15 minutes, I learned how to effectively increase my organic reach and create connections with followers that are more closely aligned with my target audience. You are very generous with your time and your #LIAppropriate knowledge.”

-Rhonda M. Salvestrini
Communications Expert + Strategist

“Anthony’s session was one of our most successful. Our pre-registration was 10 times larger than normal, as was attendance. The session was very engaging, and we saw numerous attendees posting afterwards on LinkedIn.”

-Erin Shelton
Programming Chair, American Marketing Association – Memphis Chapter
Sr. Brand Marketing Manager at Hunter Fan Company

Like a great movie, Anthony Jones has made me laugh, he’s probably made me cry and he’s moved me! If LinkedIn is a part of your strategic outreach to prospective clients you need to follow Anthony to see how it is done.

Pat Osigian

-Pat Osigian

Business Performance Advisor, Insperity